Save the Dates & Tuxes & Goals

Daniel and I have been busy this weekend with a few things.

I started making Save the Dates on Saturday. I designed the template on my computer a few weeks ago using Paint and Word (yes, I’m that lame) and have printed that on to some beige colored card stock (4 cards per page). And to jazz up the rather plain black ink on beige, I used a few rubber stamps. One stamp is a bride and groom which I’m stamping onto the card itself with metallic gold ink.

Since my envelopes were 1/2 inch short of the minimum size envelope to fit my printer, I have to hand write all the addresses. I considered using those white peel-and-stick labels, but I thought it might look a little tacky. And the hand-writing adds a personal touch, I suppose. The negative part is it takes much more time to write it than print.

On the envelope I’m using two stamps. On the corner of the address side I have a flowery/swirly kind of stamp in a wine red kind of color. On the other side of the envelope I’ve used the same color ink with a stamp that says “First comes Love.” And to seal the deal (literally) I got some pink glitter tape on clearance from Michael’s on the lip of the envelope.

I also bought some special wedding postage. Image

Today Daniel and I took a trip to Men’s Warehouse to get him fitted for a tux. Though I had much-to-be-desired experience at David’s Bridal, Men’s Warehouse (they are connected somehow) was a different story. Mark, the fabulous older gentleman who fitted Daniel, was a riot and full of little tips. One of which was to have the guys go with silk pocket squares so that we can skip out on elaborate boutineers. The idea is that the silk pocket pops so you only have to get a small, simple flower for them. Mark even suggested we find a field with some wild flowers and pick those–and he was dead serious. And I’m considering it.

This week my goal is to pick and book our caterer–there are a couple in the mix that I’ve spoken with last week. And I’d also like to find a hotel or two and get block rates for the out-of-towners.

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