Since most, well, all of the subjects of my wedding blog (so far) revolve around what we’re buying for the wedding, the next one will be a little different. I fussed about not wanting to succumb to what I will label the conspicuous consumerism type wedding, so with this next post I will switch gears.
What’s the conspicuous consumerism wedding you ask?
In my eyes it’s a wedding that is more reception heavy than ceremony heavy. And what I mean by that is that the emphasis, all of the effort, or the endgame of all of the wedding fuss is the reception. I understand that the reception is what I have been talking about in most of my posts however the wedding is about the ceremony. The wedding is about family. Specifically blessing and recognizing a family made by choice, that is to say a family created by two individuals choosing one another.
So even though the reception is eating up my time, and money it’s not where my heart is (and that may be reflected in obvious lack of wealth being thrown at it, my apologies guests).
So what will my next post (or 2) be about?
The Orthodox Ceremony! A heads-up of sorts for those who will not know what to expect, and who may be surprised by the lack of certain more commercially known traditions. For example, some questions I will answer will be: why is nobody giving me (the bride) away? Why is there no big “reveal” of the bride? Why are there no traditional vows?

Until next time!


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