Small update

Since visiting Fr. Michael and the church a last week, I have been working on small projects:

I chosen some options for bridesmaids dresses at David’s Bridal and am waiting for my beautiful bridesmaids to send me pictures of how they fit. I chose David’s for the bridesmaids (after rejecting them for my wedding dress) because my girls are located in different cities sprawled across the US. New York. Tampa. Pensacola. And myself in Tallahassee. So thanks to technology I can see what they look like as they try them on in each of their locations via Facetime, photo texts, etc. Yes!

I have also ordered the wedding invitations from Exclusively Weddings  & postage and am eagerly waiting for those to arrive. In the meantime, I have designed my own RSVP cards and Misc. Info cards (using Microsoft Word again) to include in the invitation–I will upload the templates for these later I promise! (How will I put it together…I have no idea, we’ll see when the invites get here!). It was such a pain to make…lots of measuring lines, and cutting, and then erasing lines. I’ll remind myself to put up a picture of them along with the template. For the sake of saving money (postage) and time (snail mail vs. email) I decided to request RSVP by email. Hopefully this isn’t tacky to my guests. Honestly the modern world has made wedding planning SO much easier. I have a world of tips and ideas at my little finger tips.

I also picked out a veil pattern which my lovely and industrious (and awesome) mommy will be making for me. Not only is it the sweetest, most tickle-my-soul heart-warming thing ever, it will also save a ton of money. For brides who are lucky enough to have charitable and talented mothers DIY veil is the way to go. I know mine will be a a cherished wedding artifact that I will keep forever.

And finally, I have been working on some future posts. One is about my battle with and thoughts about name changing. The other will be on the Orthodox wedding ceremony, as promised (it’s just taking me a while because cutting and drawing lines eats up a lot of time).

P.S. I also worked on our registry.

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