some minutia

the minutia

As of today and according to our registry, 57 days remain before our wedding day. Planning is sort of at a standstill as we wait for the RSVPs. If we are within the range of guests we estimated for the caterer we will be sending out more invitations to others we wish to celebrate with. So if you are reading this and have yet to RSVP please do so as soon as you can.

At this time I have a couple of friends helping prepare playlists for the reception. We are in need of AV equipment (speakers, soundboard, and mic) so if you or somebody you know wouldn’t mind lending to us, our gratitude will abound. Amanda, one of my bridesmaids, works in commercial music and her knowledgeable hands will be caring for that equipment.

In April,

I will be experimenting with cupcake recipes and designs.

Picking up my dress from the seamstress.

And making decorations. I am collecting glass jars (jelly, applesauce, salsa jars and wine bottles). I will use these as centerpieces and decorate them with lace, cloth, and maybe some gold or rose gold spray paint; and I will put candles in them.

3 thoughts on “some minutia

  1. I’m 51 days out from my wedding! We’re doing destination which has helped keep the guest list and all the little details under control. Whenever I ooo and ahhh over something on Pinterest, I ask myself, “Is this worth taking on a plane? And then a shuttle? And then a boat? And then another shuttle?” 🙂 It has definitely prevented me from getting a case of the overwhelmies. Your centerpieces sound gorgeous!! And the cupcake recipes and designs project sounds tasty.

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